Past Events

Date Location  Speaker  Topic  Presentation
2018 – 2019 Season
2018.11.7 Rochester and La Crosse Mike Stuedemann I’m Not Sure that Word Means What You Think It Means:  Talking to Business People About Agile  Presentation
2018.10.23 Rochester and La Crosse Jacy Imilkowski What’s Going On Up There?  The Neuroscience of Conversation for Project Managers



2018.09.29 Rochester and La Crosse Tom Colosimo It’s All About Networking – Navigating The Networking Concept for Success!  Presentation
2017 – 2018 Season
2018.05.10 Rochester and La Crosse Rob Ronnenberg Six Sigma: DMAIC (de-MAY-ick)  Presentation
2018.04.19 La Crosse and Rochester Abbey Hellickson Successful Leadership Development
2018.01.11 La Crosse and Rochester Roger Wolkoff What Happens When You’re Real – Authentic Communication and Trust Presentation
2017.11.07 Rochester and
La Crosse
Steve Salisbury High Speed Integration – How Whirlpool Acquired and Integrated Maytag in Seven Months Presentation
2017.10.23 La Crosse Jason Orloske Virtual Team Management: Creating a Culture of Success with Those You Can’t See Presentation
2017.10.18 La Crosse Jim Ruprecht Culture: The Key to Organizational Agility




 2017.09.14 Rochester and
La Crosse
Jeannette Grace CONFLICT: Making It Easier
2016 – 2017 Season
 2017.06.06 Rochester Terri Knudson Are You Ready to be a project Leader? Presentation
2017.05.18 Rochester  Mike Stuedemann 5 Shifts that Project Managers Must Make in an Agile World Presentation
2017.04.13 La Crosse and
Jim Ruprecht Culture: The Key to Organizational Agility Presentation
2017.03.10 Rochester Various Professional Development Day Conference
 2017.02.16 La Crosse Kristy Walz Multiple Boss Madness
2017.02.09 Rochester Tom Auld Can Agile Flip A House?
2017.01.12 Rochester Doug Peters Solving the Team Puzzle: How Teams Work  Presentation
 2016.12.27 La Crosse N/A Social Event: Mix, Mingle, and Network
2016.12.15 Rochester N/A Social Event: Mix, Mingle, and Network
 2016.11.28 La Crosse and
Liz Sundet Real World Games for Collaboration and Facilitation  Presentation
 2016.10.27 La Crosse Steve Haack Communication Skills Needed To Be A Successful Project Manager
 2016.10.13 Rochester Laura Engelman and Jenna Bowman Downtown Rochester Events – The Planned & Unplanned  Presentation
La Crosse
Jan Holt The Risky Business of Risk Management  Presentation
2015 – 2016 Season
 2016.04.19 La Crosse Terri Knudson PMI’s Talent Triangle and PDU Reporting Changes
Survey Results
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 2016.02.09 Rochester Terri Knudson PMI’s Talent Triangle and PDU Reporting Changes Presentation Slide 1
Presentation Slide 2
 2015.11.19 La Crosse Andy Galbus Program Management Initiation – Lessons Learned Presentation
 2015.11.17 Rochester Andy Galbus Program Management Initiation – Lessons Learned Presentation
 2015.10.29 La Crosse Stevie Borne Strengths Based Leadership
 2015.10.21 Rochester Mike Stuedemann Agile Games – Want to come play?
 2015.09.14 Rochester Paul Artell Smith Authentic Leadership in 2050 – Then and There, Here and Now, Once and Forever
 2015.09.14 La Crosse Paul Artell Smith Influence Beyond the Ordinary – Effecting Meaningful Change
2014 – 2015 Season
2015.07.25 La Crosse Terry Ward Winona Bridge Boat Tour and Project Presentation
2015.05.18 La Crosse Mark Thole Program and Project Management Information Management System Presentation
2015.05.12 Rochester Mike Stuedemann Organizational Agility Presentation
2015.04.15 La Crosse Brad Furlano A Season with the Blue Stars, Step by Step
2015.04.14 Rochester Mark Thole Program and Project Information Management Systems Presentation
2015.03.20 Rochester Various  PDD: The Talent Triangle  
2015.03.04 La Crosse Alicia Burke Webinar: Explore PMI’s New Credential Presentation 
2015.02.12 La Crosse Joe Hesch Apply Lean Tools to Project Management  
2015.02.10 Rochester/
Matthew Weaver Successful Projects Don’t Happen By Change Presentation
2015.01.29 La Crosse Kristy Walz Workshop: Rewrite the Story of Meetings with Phenomenal Facilitation  
2015.01.13 Rochester Paul Artell Smith Project Management in the Age of Attention Deficit  
2014.11.18 La Crosse Stevie Peterson Creating a Bulletproof Business Case Presentation
2014.11.11 Rochester Dan Mehls Viking Stadium, Target Center, Mayo Clinic Square Presentation 
2014.10.21 La Crosse Terri Knudson It’s All About People  
2014.10.15 Rochester Rick Morris Project Management That Works  
2014.10.14 Rochester Rick Morris Metrics 2.0: Data Rules All!  
2014.09.22 La Crosse William Arnold Evolution of the PMI at LHI: Project mangement, process engineering, and quality  
2013 – 2014 Season
2013. 10.15 La Crosse Wale Elegbede Ashley Furniture Omni-Channel and E-Commerce Growth  Presentation