PMI La Crosse Event – Culture: The Key to Organizational Agility

October 18, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
People’s Food Coop Community Room
315 5th Ave S
La Crosse, WI 54601
VP Events La Crosse


In the language of sociotechnical organization design, every organization is a composite of the technical system by which it does its work, and the social system by which it governs the conduct of its work. In other words, every organization is the product of its processes and its culture. The degree of an organization’s agility, then, is the product of the agility of its processes and the agility of its culture. In fact, experience teaches us that it is the organization’s culture that is the key to its agility. Yet, while designing and maintaining agile processes is an engineering discipline that is well understood, designing and maintaining an agile culture is a leadership discipline that is not well understood.

This presentation will introduce field-tested models to better understand:

  • What an organizational culture is.
  • How it fits into the organizational ecosystem, diagnose its current state and design a desired state.
  • The forces that, by design or by default, influence the reinforcement of its current state or its movement toward some future state.

About the Speaker:

Jim is Co-Founder & Principal Consultant at agilityIRL where he educates, coaches and consults to motivated leaders at all levels in matters of organizational leadership and leading cultural change in order to achieve organizational agility.

Based on his experience creating 9 new organizations, renovating 4 under-performing ones, and re-designing 2 that were not well positioned for the future, Jim shares the pragmatic lessons he has learned for leading cultural change on local, national and international teams. He has also curated those lessons in his book, Windward Leadership: Taking Your Organization into the Prevailing Winds on Political Seas.

An accomplished leader in real life, Jim has previously held positions ranging from VP of IT, then a VP in Product Development, at a global, $5 billion business unit of a Fortune 250 medical device manufacturer; to COO of a small, second stage, biopolymer engineering firm; to “chief digital officer” at a privately held aircraft manufacturer; to the startup of several “boutique” consulting firms. He has also served on several boards for non-profit and for-profit organizations.


People’s Food Coop Community Room

315 5th Street South

La Crosse, WI 54601


Registration Details:

11:00am – Sign in, Network

11:15am – Lunch and President Announcements

11:45am– 1:00pm Presentation


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